SGV Connect #13: End of the Year with Wes, Joe, the 626 and E-buses

Believe it or not, here at Streetsblog we prefer to cover good news. That doesn’t mean we wear rose-colored glasses all the time. Rather, when something happens to improve our transportation networks or how people experience their community; we like to write about it.

Which is one reason that yesterday and today’s podcasts are so much fun, because when it comes to transportation reform in the San Gabriel Valley there is a lot to celebrate.

Today, I talk with Wes Reutimann of Bike SGV and Joe Linton of Streetsblog Los Angeles. We talk a lot about the 626 and how awesome it was. But we also talk about road diets, protected bike lanes and electric buses. There’s a lot of good things happening locally, and it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on the some of the highlights of 2017.

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