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  • Matt

    Bonin’s bungling of the Playa Del Rey road diets has pretty much killed future road diets in the entire City of Los Angeles. Pretty much the whole city is lined up against them in any form now at least for the next few years at a minimum. Vision Zero is in deep trouble too.

  • com63

    I’ve been watching countdown clocks in DTLA over the last few months during this countdown debate, and I’m not sure this new law is really going to change much. Most of the clocks are actually pretty well timed. If you are a fast walker, you can enter the crosswalk maybe five seconds after the countdown starts, but not much more than that.

    The much more common pedestrian behavior is to enter well after the countdown has started and to reach the other side before the opposing light turns green and cross traffic arrives. This is still illegal since the person is crossing during a steady orange hand over the last few seconds. You can bet the LAPD will not give up their crusade against walking so easily.

  • Sad news about Artesia. That was a bold project that would have made Little India so much better.

  • Jason

    It’s hard to feel particularly optimistic about these Santa Monica bike boxes, amongst other reasons, given the extent to which I don’t see enforcement of drivers standing in bike lanes.