Today’s Headlines

  • How L.A. Streets Are Shifting From Burger Model To Chipotle Model (Medium)
  • Take Metro’s Survey On How Bicycles And Buses Can Share the Road (The Source)
  • Opinion: Micro-Apartments Can Be Part Of L.A. Affordability Solution (LAT)
  • Watch These New Urbanism Film Fest NUFFTalks TED-Talk-Style Videos
    NUFF2016 Starts Tonight!
  • Developer Trying To Get Permits Approved Before No-Growth Initiative (Curbed)
  • Transit, Ride-Hail, And Class Mixing (Let’s Go L.A.)
  • San Diego’s Community Plan Updates Don’t Adhere To Its Climate Plan (Voice of SD)
  • 25 Projects Awarded CA AHSC (Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities) Funds (SRTS)
  • Transportist Reviews Some First/Last Mile Research
  • Book Review: How Republicans Run Against American Cities (LARB)

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  • EB

    Kudos for Metro asking for Bike/Bus interaction feedback, but this survey has some issues. Isn’t “Less than once per trip” and “Never” the same thing? Also, a respondent is only allowed to mark options in descending order of “1 to 6, with 1 being behavior that discourages biking the most” but isn’t “Bus operator drives too close to me,” “Bus operator honks at me,” “Bus operator passes at too high a speed,” and “Bus operator cuts too close in front of me” all equally discouraging (and quite frankly, “will I die?”) type of behaviors?
    (With all due respect to Operators since I know they have a tough job.)