CicLAvia No.18 Iconic Wilshire Boulevard – Open Thread

CicLAvia celebrates Wilshire Boulevard. Photos: Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.

The eighteenth iteration of CicLAvia touched down on a three-mile stretch of Wilshire Boulevard yesterday. The Wilshire route extended from Grand Avenue in downtown L.A. to Western Avenue in Koreatown. Organizers had hoped for a longer route, but Metro Purple Line construction has closed a couple of Miracle Mile Wilshire intersections for multiple weekends, so extending further west was not feasible.

With a relatively short route, and hot August weather, the event seemed just a bit little less popular than usual. However, it sure was not empty. There were still tens of thousands of people making their way through the city on foot, bike, and skates–but the event lacked the sometimes-intense crowding that many central L.A. CicLAvias feature.

Did you participate yesterday? What did you think?

More photos after the jump. 

CicLAvia riders in Westlake / MacArthur Park
Plenty of runners, rollerbladers, and others enjoyed CicLAvia
This was the first CicLAvia that featured Metro Bike Share, and plenty of people were riding their clearly marked bikes on the route
This family had an impressive set of low-rider bicycles for all ages
Wilshire’s iconic architecture includes the wonderful Bullocks Wilshire building visible behind these riders
CicLAvia serves as a sort of public square. This group hosted a White People for Black Lives march within the CicLAvia.
Plenty of families enjoyed CicLAvia on Wilshire Blvd.
  • P.

    There were a lot of people trapped east of the 110 on Wilshire since the big hill was an impediment. Otherwise it was almost too damn hot. Would have liked to see more water bottle filling stations.

  • Walt Arrrrr

    Even though thousands attended, it did seem lonelier. However, not being so crowded made touring about more leisurable. The lines for food and restrooms were the best yet! The fewer attendees made it possible to do random U-turns without the risk of a ten cycle pile-up. Yes it was hot. On the literal bright side, the blow torch bright lighting and car free streets created unique photographing opportunities.

    Random observations: It seemed like there were less police working this CicLAvia. Maybe the city is figuring out that open streets events don’t need four to six officers at every intersection? This is the first CicLAvia I’ve noticed hired traffic contol workers instead of just volunteers to direct traffic. This is something that Viva SGV did with their event in June. Not sure why. I also noticed this CicLAvia didn’t have any automated traffic count cameras along the route. But then again, we’ve never seen the data from those things anyway.

    As far as the route not going west of Western, I ultimately blame Zev Yaroslavsky and Henry Waxman! Had they not prevented the subway being built in 1990’s, we wouldn’t be trying to get it done today.

  • calwatch

    In that regard, while I did not participate, my friend did note more police officers in their cars, and more intersections blocked off with large vehicles, to prevent a Nice, France-style attack of someone driving a truck as a battering ram/murder weapon. When I saw them do that for the SELA Ciclavia I thought that was total overkill to have public works trucks closing down streets (with employees on overtime leaving their engines running), but now I’m afraid that may be the standard for these events.


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