New Bike Lanes Striped On Wilshire Boulevard In Westwood Condo Canyon

New bike lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood. Photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.
New bike lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood. Photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.

The city of L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT) is putting the finishing touches on new bike lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood. The new bike lanes run 0.7 miles from Selby Avenue to Beverly Glen Boulevard. They extend the existing Wilshire bike lanes that currently run 0.2 miles from Beverly Glen to Comstock Avenue.

Buffered bike lane preliminary markings on Wilshire in Westwood
Buffered bike lane preliminary markings on Wilshire in Westwood

The new bike lanes were added without removing any travel lane capacity. Most of the new Wilshire lanes are buffered bike lanes, though the street width varies, so in some areas the buffer is omitted. The new bike lanes are part of a street resurfacing project that extends from Beverly Glen to Westwood Boulevard. As of yesterday, the new lane markings were mostly complete, with bike lane symbols and some striping on the buffers still to come.

This neighborhood has resisted bicycle and transit facilities in the past. Residents opposed the planned Wilshire Boulevard peak-hour bus-only lane project. They also fought against bike lanes approved for nearby Westwood Boulevard.

  • User_1

    That’s soooooooo awesome!!!! WOW almost a mile of a bike lane!

    Great job LA!!!!

  • James

    how far apart are crosswalks in this area and does it have a continuous sidewalk? I remember finding myself somewhere in the area feeling like I was in some sort of twilight zone version of vancouver designed to be free of pedestrians.

  • Joe Commuter

    This should be very interesting to follow as the Westwood NIMBYs opposed bike lanes (that would not reduce the number of lanes) on Westwood Blvd because, among other reasons, it is a busy bus route.

    Well, Wilshire Blvd is also a very busy bus route and these lanes have not reduced the number of lanes for cars. Based on the NIMBYs and Paul Koret’s logic this should result in mayhem!

  • jennix

    Today, on the western front: Advocates took more ground in the Wilshire/Westwood theatre, doubling holdings over the Wilshire Pass. Analysts see this capitulation by the city as a negotiation tactic before upcoming lane changes on the westside, and they further expect cyclists to lose the crucial Westwood bike lane later this year, severing the only contiguous bike facility between UCLA and the newly-opened Expo rail, as pro-bike-lane resistance succumbs to the relentless attacks from car-friendly locals and their notorious anti-bike councilman.

    Joe Linton has the report.


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