#DamienTalksSGV 12 – Blair Miller and the Case for Reduced Parking Requirements in Pasadena

Welcome back to #DamienTalksSGV. This week, #DamienTalks with Blair Miller, an organizer with the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition. Pasadena was scheduled to vote on an ordinance that would have reduced, and in some cases eliminated, “parking requirements for new development near transit” on Monday, July 18. However, late opposition arrived, and the hearing was postponed until early September.

Damien Talks SGV logoMiller explains how the proposal came out of the community plan update, how it has evolved, what its goals are, and why opposition sprung up at the 11th hour. Miller and the Complete Streets Coalition believe the region is moving away from car-dominated travel towards a more balanced system and want to be certain Pasadena has the planning in place to support this change.

In 2015, Jerry Brown signed legislation that reduced parking requirements near transit hubs for lower income and market rate housing. Since then, communities around California have been expanding on that legislation to loosen parking requirements for other types of development.

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  • perchecrik

    Dearest Blair, dude, like, re-orienting land use policy away from the auto, that’s like, hella bad! It sure is a step up from the homework you showed me in grad school, wherein you placed a parking lot before a business, which you justified, if I recall correctly, by some pragmatic blah blah blah. Sigh. Then again, how can I fault you for pragmatism? Especially now, when compromise is so sorely missed in our collective discourse. (Admittedly, especially then, too, when a grade was on the line.)

    Anyhow, congrats, and let’s move along to the other low-hanging fruit of our dear planet’s greenhouse gas conundrum: building energy standards. To wit, here’s somebody who says it better than I can, with the right admixture of acerbicness and policy wonkish-nish: “Distinguished Lecturer Series: Building Science – Adventures in Building Science”, Berkeley Lab (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Oct 6, 2010, published on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkfAcWpOYAA&hd=1.

    Tl;dr: “Build tight, ventilate right, and don’t eat your sweater…” –Lstiburek …and (!) change policy to reflect these ideas. Commish Blair? Are you listening? (Remember, Robert Moses sat on more than one board. That’s both advice and a caution, as you know.)

    I am, of course, not saying anything Amory Lovins didn’t say 50 years ago. But that’s not what I wanted to say; rather, I think what I’m trying to get at is this: You happen to be sitting at a policy making juncture where (forgive me) … the rubber hits the road. Except, uh … buildings! Too! That’s what I meant! Sorry, my mixed up metaphors mutter forth.

    Keep fighting the good fight, watch out for Dr. Doom and his evil dip, and surely Acme’s will is buried somewhere in LaLa land — keep searching!


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