Long Beach Bike-Share To Launch 100 Bikes At Beach Streets On March 19

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia demonstrates Long Beach's new bike-share system. All photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.
Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia demonstrates Long Beach’s new bike-share system. All photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.

At a kick-off event this morning, the city of Long Beach celebrated a soft launch of its new bike-share system, called Long Beach Bike Share. There are currently two stations in operation, with a dozen bikes. The system will fully publicly open at the Saturday March 19 Beach Streets open streets event.

The 4-mile March 19 Beach Streets will be the first open streets event in downtown Long Beach, extending eastward through Belmont Heights. The route [PDF] is primarily along Broadway, with spurs on Pine Avenue and Cherry Avenue. Beach Streets is looking for volunteers.

Long Beach Bike Share currently has two hubs installed: one at City Hall, the other on Third Street at the Promenade. 

Long Beach Bike Share hub on 3rd Street at the Promenade
Long Beach Bike Share hub on Third Street at the Promenade

By March 19, the bike-share system will have 100 bicycles available; this will expand to 500 bikes at 50 stations this summer. The service area covers roughly the southern half of the city of Long Beach – from the L.A. River to the San Gabriel River, between the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Coast Highway/Stearns Street.

Screenshot map of Long Beach Bike Share. For expanded stations, see current website map.
Screenshot map of Long Beach Bike Share. For expanded stations, see current website map.

The bike-share system is a smart-bike system, very similar to (using the same Cyclehop vendor as) Santa Monica’s Breeze bike-share. The bikes are similar to Santa Monica, though the Long Beach bikes are powder blue. Both have 8 speeds.

Front basket on Long Beach's new bike-share bikes
Front basket on Long Beach’s new bike-share bikes

The system was funded by Metro, with a local match coming from the city. Long Beach and Cyclehop are still working to secure potential advertising sponsors.

  • Ari Wilson

    The Santa Monica bikes also have 8 gears.

  • Joe Linton

    For some reason I thought it was 7 in SM… I’ve updated the article.

  • Jason

    This seems like a good opportunity to task something I’ve been having trouble getting an answer on…so I’ve previously seen that Beverly Hills and WeHo are also using Cyclehop as their vendor. Is there going to be any cross-honoring of memberships between these systems? If I rode a Beverly Hills bike from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and locked it up at a Santa Monica Breeze bike rack, am I leaving it in-system or out-of-system? I know it’s the same technology, and I’ve seen the word “compatible” thrown around, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if it’s going to be a seamless intermingling of the systems.

    I had this question when I first found out about the Beverly Hills system because the color scheme is so similar to Santa Monica’s that I could see a tourist in particular being confused and getting dinged with large out-of-network fees if this is allowed to devolve into a clusterfuck of overlapping system footprints with siloed memberships and bikes that are only in-network for a single system.

  • Bikeshare Friend

    See? And all it took was a reputable bikeshare company with a proven product!


  • Velodrone

    The official site only shows the current bike hubs and stations. Are there any information as to where future stations will be at?

  • Joe Linton

    I don’t think they’ve been finalized yet. When I spoke with city of LB bike coordinator Nate Baird he said that they would be covering the downtown LB area first then working eastward through the summer.


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