Today’s Headlines

  • Teen Pedestrian Killed By Truck On North Figureoa In Highland Park (LAT, Daily News)
    …Teen Andres Perez Was “Awesome Student” (LAT)
  • Metro Subway Commuters Evacuated Due To Smoke In DTLA Tunnel (LAT)
  • Metro Regional Connector Delay Is the Reassuring Right Decision (Downtown News)
  • Metrolink Train Car That Derailed In Oxnard Had Defective Parts (LAT)
  • Toyota Leaving Torrance For Texas, Citing High L.A. County Housing Costs (Curbed)
  • Metro Says Metro’s New DTLA Bus Yard Is Really Green (The Source)
  • Harvard-Westlake Private School Development Approval Suspicious (Horizon & Skyline)
  • Anaheim In Conflict Over Proposed Streetcar (KPCC)

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  • cygp2p

    That excuse from Toyota is as flimsy as the hubcaps on a mid-90s Corolla.

  • Derek Hofmann

    “Teen Pedestrian Killed By Truck”

    The word “Pedestrian” above dehumanizes the victim, while “Truck” absolves the driver. Trucks don’t kill people, people kill people!

    StreetsBlog, you have a little room for improvement there.

  • James Fujita

    Speaking as someone who has written a few headlines, newspapers tend to be cautious when it comes to crashes. The driver can come back and say that it wasn’t his fault. There are legal considerations.

  • Nate

    Another issue here is that the “people kill people” message may make Joe and Jane Public feel that there is little use in implementing engineering changes to our streets, much in the way that the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument wards off sensible regulation of firearms. By focusing on the fact that cars and trucks are killing people, we can keep the focus on the most important reform: engineering safer streets.