Today’s Headlines

  • It Is Not True That “Nobody Walks In L.A.” Or Pasadena (SGV Tribune)
  • 14 Percent Of L.A. County Is Parking (Curbed)
  • Little Tokyo Businesses Worried About Subway Construction Closures (Rafu Shimpo)
  • Air Pollution: Ports Are the New Power Plants (Washington Post)
  • Electric Bus Maker BYD Accused Of Violating L.A. Living Wage Law (LAT)
  • San Bernardino Metrolink Train Hits/Kills El Monte Pedestrian (KPCC, Pasadena Star-News)
  • Metro Puts Valley Double-Track Project On Hold Due To Neighborhood Opposition (LAT)
  • Court Sides With Newhall Ranch Opposition On EIR Lawsuit (KPCC)
  • Reef Development Project Is In Stark Contrast With South L.A. Needs (NRDC)
  • Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Wants To Improve DASH Service (Los Feliz Ledger)
  • Skid Row Housing Tenants Sue To End Unsanitary Conditions (KPCC)
  • Bike-Share Is Working Well In American Cities (HuffPo)

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  • “There’s no tremendous need for this project. It will only fill a small gap in the system,” he added.

    Let’s see if he’s singing the same tune at the next street or freeway expansion, which, might I add, are usually bidirectional facilities.

    While it’s a shame that these sorts of shenanigans rule the day, Metro/UPRR should take a step back and do the prudent thing: split the project in two. Since the problem is obviously the NIMBYs in the residential area, splitting it would allow Metro to proceed with the majority of the project, which would include the second platform at Norwalk, while they figure out how to placate the whiners. Also, while they’re at it, they should introduce a lane reduction on Roscoe Blvd. and Parthenia St. from Lindley to Balboa because after all, they “only fill a small gap in the system”.

  • Joe Linton

    And I thought the Valley loved rail these days?!?!?!?

  • Apparently not if it means actually building it.