Today’s Headlines

  • CA Emits More GHG Than Any Country Per Capita Except Rest of U.S. (CalMatters)
  • Remember That Reason Foundation Report That Called for Billions on Road Construction That Everyone Laughed Out of the Room? Apparently the Fake Libertarians Found Someone Who Took It Seriously (Forbes)
  • Who Needs High Speed Rail When You’ll Be Able to Cruise in Your Driverless Car? (LAT)
  • Don’t Expect Angels Flight to Be Open Anytime Soon (Curbed)
  • New Marina Del Rey Development Funds Bike Trail 18% of Parking for Bikes (My News LA)
  • OCTA Seeks Public Input on Route Changes (OC Register)
  • Growing Pains (errrr Full House) Star John Stamos Pleads Guilty to DUI (Daily News)

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  • Sirinya Matute

    Damien! You’re breaking my heart!

    John Stamos is most famous for starring in Full House. However, his co-star Candace Cameron Bure’s older brother Kirk was a series regular on the show “Growing Pains”. Both were family-friendly, anti-septic television shows on ABC.

  • Asher Of LA

    I’ve corresponded over Facebook with the author of that Forbes article on the Reason plan. Still not sure why he supports it aside from the faux libertarian branding.

    As I said in a facebook comment, if
    you’re going to posit a fantasy plan with no chance of coming to
    fruition (because that’s what this Reason plan is), why not actually propose one that matches your stated
    principles (in this case, free markets)?

    The cheap free market reforms (parking, zoning, HOT lanes) have already been implemented here and there, and have seen success in their limited rollouts. They just need to be expanded.

    also far more viable within both the existing political climate in LA
    and compliant with libertarian principles than Reason’s ‘asphalt socialist’ proposal – which
    makes Reason’s proposal all the more puzzling.