Today’s Headlines

  • The LAT’s Mobility Plan Maps Are Worth More Than One Look
  • Newspaper, Community, Admits They Don’t Really Pay Attention to What’s Happening (Los Feliz Ledger)
  • Enough with Freaking Out About Car Lanes! Let’s Talk Vision Zero (Biking in L.A.)
  • Forbes Seems to Think Vision Zero Is a Great Thing, “Hopefully This Will Spread”
  • Wait a Second…We Might Get the Hollywood Cap Park Out of an Olympic Games? (LAT)
  • Santa Monica Needs Affordable TOD Just to Maintain Current Stock (Next)
  • Audit Finds Caltrans Employees Playing Golf, Sending Personal Emails on Work Time (SF Gate)
  • Years Ago Metro Changed Its Logo So It Didn’t Confuse People Across the Country (City Lab)
  • El Monte Bike Hub Opens on September 14 (The Source)

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  • Darren

    Re: the Mobility Plan maps, I’ll be surprised (though pleased) if some of the bus proposals ever come to fruition. E.g., dedicated bus lanes on Sepulveda.

    Also, why not put bus-only lanes on Fairfax? Anecdotally the 217 is one of the busiest lines I have experienced in my 5 years riding transit throughout LA, especially between the Farmer’s Market and Hollywood. I understand that road space is an issue, but if putting dedicated bus lanes on Sepulveda seems possible, why not put them on Fairfax too?