Expo: Phase II Bike Path Will Open with Light Rail in 2016

The Expo Bike Path near Military Avenue in Westwood. All images via the Expo Construction Authority.

Last week, in a short article celebrating that LADOT was beginning its portion of the bikeway that will run parallel to the Expo Line in West L.A., I stated that the separated bike path portion of the route was not under construction.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Via the Expo Construction Authority comes word that not only is the bike path under construction, it should open with the light rail line in early 2016.

The bike path is well under construction, and the plan is to open the bike path along with the light rail line.  Currently there is grading, lighting, irrigation, and drainage work throughout, and approximately one mile has already been paved.  The largest stretch of paving is between Centinela and the 26th Street/Bergamot station, and the sections from Olympic to 20th Street and from Westwood to Military have also been paved.

There are still some issues to be worked out, most notably the routing of the bike path in the area surrounding Westwood Station where there are also plans for a greenway and water park. However, the good news is that both Metro’s separated bike path and the bike lanes being painted by LADOT to provide easy access from downtown Culver City to downtown Santa Monica are currently under construction/paint and the full route should be ready for a ribbon cutting with the train.

My apologies to both the Construction Authority and our readers for getting it wrong. There are two more pictures of Expo Bike Path as it is today, after the jump.

The Expo Bike Path, just east of 26th Street in Santa Monica.
The Expo Bike Path just east of Stewart Street in Santa Monica.
  • MIsterbee6

    Did they figure out the routing though Cheviot Hills? That looked like a tough nut to crack.

  • jennix

    They should have planned to put the bike path in the tunnel & the Southern Pacific cut alongside Overland. That’s the ONLY route between Westwood and Culver City without a ridiculous hill; that’s why the SP cut it in the first place, and that’s why they wouldn’t give it up when the i-10 was built.

  • MIsterbee6

    Yeah, that would be great. Unfortunately the tunnel isn’t wide enough to for both the rail line and the bike path. They concluded that it would be too costly to widen the tunnel. So I wonder what the route will be?

  • Roger R.

    Yeah, but when are they going to build the Phase I bike path!

  • Rene Herse

    Does there exist a map that shows where the bike path will run and where cyclists will have to use adjacent roads? Any renderings of bike lanes and intersections in those area where the path can’t be built? Does the Ladot still refuse to install diagonal bike lanes in intersections to transition from bike lane to off street trail? Perhaps with their acceptance of the pedestrian scramble they might consider a less inconvenient transition for cyclists?

  • Joe Linton
  • B2H

    Let’s hope they have bike sensor to activate the crosswalk lights or at least put the crosswalk buttons in a convenient location unlike the Orange Line Bike path.

  • effron

    The path appears to be lacking some connective tissue which would allow for a safe and seamless trip in and out of the west side. Both the Pico and Sepulveda crossings look pretty dubious. As currently designed and executed they’re not likely to encourage anyone other than the seasoned rider to take on a regular basis.

  • Dwight Sturtevant

    Check out all the Expo Line and Expo Bike Path Work here http://www.ipernity.com/doc/expo-line/

  • Gezellig

    Anyone aware of the opening date for the Expo Line Phase II? Have been looking around online but haven’t found any clear-cut dates yet. This probably just means it hasn’t been announced, but was just curious if anyone knew anything more.

  • calwatch

    They have to finish more testing, but it will be sometime on or before June 25, 2016 as that is the June service change and Metro and Big Blue Bus agreed to thin some of the buses headed west to Santa Monica when Expo opened.

  • Anne

    Just yesterday the were running a train that came from the west out in Rancho Park with a cop chaperone. Very exciting!

  • Anne

    I live near Westwood/Exposition. I am not a seasoned rider, but I can tell you that riding in this area is really great with the bike lane so far. It’s open between Westwood and Bundy (about a 1.5 mile stretch). You need to stop at lights and cross over busy roads, but overall having a dedicated path is really amazing and feels safe for a novice rider like myself. I’ve been riding out to Santa Monica on the weekends. Does anybody know what other stretches of the bike lane are open (e.g. Culver City to DT)?

  • jeffreywhatever

    LAist put out an article today saying there will be a 0.7 mile gap through that neighborhood, unfortunately.

  • Joe Linton
  • David Galvan

    May 20!


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