Today’s Headlines

  • Listen to Joe Linton Talk Bike Share and Los Angeles on Which Way L.A.
  • Boyle Heights “Winning the War on Gentrification” (LAT via Curbed)
  • Metro’s New TAP Vending Machine Screens Are Up At Union Station, Includes Video (The Source)
  • I Knew Waze Was Evil, But Tracking Traffic Cops?… (LAT)
  • …Google Says It’s Not Possible (LAT)
  • Jarrett Walker on Transit Tax Referendums – Generally When In Doubt, Vote Yes (Human Transit)
  • Metro Previews Its Thursday Board Meeting (The Source)
  • Metrolink Is Much Safer Than a Decade Ago (Daily News)
  • Sad Infographic On How the U.S. Gets To Work (CityLab)
  • But Cheap Gas Isn’t the Culprit. Price Drop Won’t Kill Transit Ridership. (LAT)
  • Rare Data About How Crappy Mandatory Helmet Laws Are (Price Tags)
  • Inglewood Ballot Measure on NFL Stadium Gets Needed Signatures (LAT)
  • Family Lets Cars Come Inside During Snowstorm (The Onion)

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