Today’s Headlines

  • Is CicLAvia Worsening Eastside Gentrification – A Hipster Invasion? (KPCC)
  • LAUSD Decriminalizing Minor Offenses!! (LAT)
  • 4 Long Beach Blue Line Stations Closing 30 Days For Construction (LongBeachize)
  • Beverly Hills OKs Early Purple Line Subway Construction (The Source)
  • Urban Scrawl Sympathizes With DTLA Peds Vs. Construction (Downtown News Tumblr)
  • Capping the 101 Freeway Through Hollywood To Build A Park (LA Register)
  • Judge Dismisses Case Against Pro-Airport Santa Monica Ballot Measure (LAT)
  • L.A.River Revitalization News:
    Frogtown Does Not Want To Be L.A.’s Hot New In-Neighborhood (LA Weekly)
    Studio City Golf and Tennis Site Housing Development EIR Released (KCET)
    City Seeks Comments on Purchase of Key 41-Acre Cypress Park Taylor Yard Site!! (
  • Planned Adaptive Reuse of Iconic DTLB 1924 Building (LongBeachize)
  • Boy on a Bike Visits And Bikes Portland
  • Chicago Implementing “Walk to Transit” Quick Fixes Programs (SB Chicago)
  • Whack NYC Bike Citation Enforcement is Disproportionate, Illegal, Unfair (SB NYC)
  • Bike Lane Lunacy Hurts Vancouver Business – Not! (Price Tags)

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  • urbanlifeLA

    “Is CicLAvia Worsening Eastside Gentrification – A Hipster Invasion?”

    Is Streetsblog really adopting the Fox News tactic of placing a question mark at the end of otherwise patently untrue statements? I thought the writer was being sarcastic until I read the article and saw that it’s based mainly on the concern-trolling of Streetsblog’s own Sahra Sulaiman. And the rest of the community apparently doesn’t share her concerns:

    “Turnout was low at the informational event with about 10 community members in attendance; [t]his is despite the fact that a few weeks ago, CicLAvia staff started knocking on the doors of some 800 residents and businesses along the ride route to let them know about the event and pass out fliers.”

  • Herbie Huff

    I’m disappointed when anyone uses the word “hipster.” What does this mean? It seems an underhanded critique of my generation’s counterculture, at times. At other times, it seems to insinuate whiteness. Either way, it’s inappropriate here. Does this term really apply to CicLAvia organizers? CicLAvia attendees? Who is using this term? It’s divisive and a distraction from real issues (if there are any). #HipsterIsMe

  • Joe Linton

    @herbiehuff:disqus and @urbanlifeLA:disqus – I didn’t really know Fox News uses this tactic. I figure it’s fair game for me to quote things from the articles linked – that’s where I got “hipster invasion” – it’s directly from the KPCC article. I agree with Herbie that using the word is generally inappropriate – but I think it’s ok for me to quote folks who use it.

  • urbanlifeLA
  • sahra

    I am just seeing this comment now and find it rather funny. As someone who was at the meeting, I can tell you that the quote they attribute to me was indeed said by me, but was also taken out of a larger context, where I was summarizing what two concerned women had spoken at great length about (gentrification actually took up a big chunk of the discussion) and then also talked to them about potential ways they might take advantage of the influx of new folks to the area as an opportunity to highlight what East LA is all about. If that makes me “concern-trolling” (?) so be it. And, the turnout was indeed low, but it wasn’t because people don’t care about such things, it is because you have to work differently in different communities… especially ones where they aren’t familiar with CicLAvia. Joe was perfectly right to post the headline as it was — that was how the article was framed. And, it was a faithful narrative of the meeting, even if that doesn’t necessarily equate to a faithful rendering of what the wider issues and concerns in the community might be.