Today’s Headlines

  • Walking Prevents Knee Problems Later in Life (LAT)
  • Over 55 Organizations Sign-On To Urge Metro To Support Active Transportation (SRTS)
  • Garcetti Wants To Help Businesses During Crenshaw Metro Construction (LA Register)
  • Maybe the Next Phase Will Include Walking To Church (LAT)
  • Carnage: Car vs. Panorama City Bus Stop, One Dead, Two Injured (KPCC)
  • L.A. County Renderings for Development Along East L.A. Gold Line (Curbed)
  • Revitalized Expanded River Park Opens This Saturday in Studio City (KCET)
  • Headworks Silver-Lake-Replacement Reservoir Under Construction (Horizon&Skyline)
  • $2.4 Million Awarded to Doored Philadelphia Cyclist (Newsworks)
  • Lazy Prius-Windshield Drive-Through of Great Streets’ N. Figueroa (LA Register)
  • Shocker: Building Bigger Roads Makes Traffic Worse (Wired)
  • NYC Getting More Plazas, More Bike Lanes, More Bike Share (SB NYC)

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  • Nate

    I’ve expressed this before, but I think using a pun (“carnage”) to link to stories in which people have died in accident involving cars is in (a) in poor taste and (b) normalizes such stories. I think you’d be better off just reporting it straight.

  • Joe Linton

    Thanks for your comment. If a lot of folks feel this way, maybe we can come up with another term. I use “carnage” as the term that Streetsblog NYC has used for many years in their weekly round-up of car-caused fatalities, injuries, etc. Perhaps you’ve already done this, but let them know too. See