Today’s Headlines

  • Fed Grant and Loan For Purple Line Subway to La Cienega (KPCC, LARegister, DN, The Source)
  • Metro Fare Increase Vote Overview (Daily News)
  • Opinion: LAT Pro Metro Fare Increase and Pro Garcetti Amendment Motion
  • Opinion: Trains Carrying Crude Oil Will Explode (LAT)
  • Great Westwood Car-Parking Must Be Just Around the Corner (Neon Tommy)
  • How A Small Hardware Store Helped Heal Its MacArthur Park Neighborhood (LAT)
  • LA Register Profiles the Bicycle Kitchen (via BikinginLA)
  • Exploring DTLA’s 70s-Era Elevated Pedways (CityLab via The Direct Transfer)

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  • Brian

    I live in Westwood, and it never ceases to amaze me that my neighbors complain about traffic and parking, but fight tooth and nail against anything that might give them some other option rather than drive and try to find parking.

  • Bart

    You are so deep in transit-worship that you can’t see your neighbor’s position.

    Your “options” simply make driving and parking worse, while they do not offer any useful utility to those who have real lives, and thus, must drive.