Critical Mass

Discover new parts of Los Angeles area, meet others, have fun with a purpose riding with thousands of cyclists. America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass is a celebratory inclusive free bicycle ride. If you want to wear a costume appropriate for all ages, this is the perfect ride to do it!

Meet at 6:30pm – Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave
Ride rolls on time at 7:29pm
Ride ends before or at midnight (closer to 11:15pm during cooler months) – Sunset Blvd & Western Ave.

The mission of Los Angeles Critical Mass is to celebrate bicycling and to encourage cycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation. All rides of LA Critical Mass strive to offer an inclusive positive experience for cyclists of every background and identity.

If you appreciate the inclusive positive quality of the rides of Los Angeles Critical Mass, you are encouraged to help us, help our fellow cyclists during the rides. We are all Volunteers and your participation will be appreciated. Please contact us either in advance, or at the start point of the ride. To volunteer visit:

If you are new to Critical Mass Los Angeles, you’ll find that choosing to ride offers riders regardless of age, type of bike and nearly all levels of skill an opportunity to celebrate, meet others, and join with others encouraging more to ride a bicycle.

Come alone and meet others, or bring your friends, either way you’ll have fun. Riders with questions at the start or stops are encouraged to ask one of the Ride Crew Volunteers, who can be identified by their yellow vests, and orange bike flags.

With speeds around 10-12 mph, gradual elevation if any, and a typical distance of around 30 miles, rides are friendly inclusive celebratory experiences. Riding together en mass, riders enjoy a leisurely pace conducive to a rolling conversation. Some enjoy the ride as an urban date night, others as an opportunity to meet new people or enjoy time with their friends and family members.

America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride routes vary each month and typically end around Midnight or a little earlier. Endpoint of the rides is Sunset Blvd. and Western Avenue, which is very convenient to a Metro Red Line Station.

Please ensure your bicycle is safe to ride and complies with the legal requirements. It is recommended all riders wear a helmet, possess bright front and rear lights, have at least one working brake, and carry a spare tube, levers, a patch kit, pump and a wrench if necessary.

Due to the fact that there are riders of different skill levels, ride leaving a very safe distance between you and other riders and conscious of your speed. Sometimes riders get distracted or are not used to riding with a large group of other cyclists. Be aware of who is riding around you, some cyclists do not have a brake.

At stops: Snacks, spoke cards and drinks are available for donations of $1.00 each from the Ride Support Vehicle with the yellow flashing light. Tubes and patch kits are also available for sale if needed. All donations support the efforts to keep the ride experience positive for all and to encourage more to cycle. Please help us, help our fellow cyclists by purchasing from the Ride Support Vehicle.

America’s largest rolling conversation, Los Angeles Critical Mass rides are among the largest bike rides of any type in the country. Please ride respectfully and responsibly. America’s Largest Community Bicycle Rides are a celebration, not a confrontation. Talk with each other. Talk with the Police Officers. Wave and smile at motorists, and pedestrians and encourage them to join us.

All riders are encouraged to ride to the right of all double yellow lines in the direction the ride is pedaling. A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction suddenly seeing a rider who is riding on the wrong side of the street could cause a motorist to swerve their vehicle into the mass of riders. This is a danger to all riders. We ask riders to help make rides a positive experience for all by riding safely and encouraging others to ride appropriately.

Please avoid riding on sidewalks during the ride, even if legal.

If you want to organize a meet up to ride to the start point of the ride with other people in your area,
go to
post there and discuss the arrangements.

Make sure you meet up early enough to get to the ride start point on time, since it will roll on time, at 7:29pm. It is very difficult to locate the ride once it rolls. If you can not arrive on time, please identify, in advance, others on the ride who you can telephone so you call them to catch the ride.

All riders taking Metro bus or rail should verify the times for their connections to ensure they arrive at a station timely. Currently Metro Rail Trains last departures are after the end time of the ride. However, be certain to check if Holiday or other schedule changes effect your schedule. Automobile parking is also available near the start and end points. Be certain to read all traffic signs, and then re-read them so you are certain to avoid a parking ticket or tow.

Watch this video on youtube about safe ride conduct:

Visit for more information and if not already a member choose to become a member of the Facebook Group community so you can receive automatic invites each month at

Other ways you can help us:
We are currently seeking additional cars, vans, mini-vans, or suvs to follow the ride serving as support vehicles; picking up riders with mechanical issues or those who can not keep riding for some reason. These support vehicles would also enable the friends of the rider who needed assistance to continue riding and for all to meet at the next stop. Spouses or parents who would prefer to help by driving or schools, churches, temples, and businesses are good choices. We are pleased to thank those who assist and will share information about their business with our riders.

Monetary donations would enable us to rent vehicles that could serve as support vehicles, and continue to improve the ride experience for all, particularly as we roll into the development of additional inclusive positive rides throughout each month.

We are also currently interested in better identifying our Volunteer Ride Crew Members so all riders can confidently know whom to ask for assistance. We are now seeking a business or individual willing to donate the cost or the vests needed to create better Ride Crew vests for the Volunteers.

If you can offer help in any way, have a referral, or would like to make a donation please contact us. Thank you!

Thanks for choosing to ride with thousands of others in America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass. Help us by spreading the word and encouraging others to Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly.


Critical Mass

Discover new parts of Los Angeles area, meet others, have fun with a purpose riding with thousands of cyclists. America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass is a celebratory inclusive free bicycle ride. If you want to wear a costume appropriate for all ages, this is the perfect ride to do it! Meet […]

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