MyFigueroa Project Picking Up Key Neighborhood Council Support

MyFigueroa planned improvements on 11th Street leading to Figueroa Street. Image from MyFigueroa website
MyFigueroa planned improvements on 11th Street leading to Figueroa Street. Image from MyFigueroa website

MyFigueroa is picking up some steam as the city’s decision on an appeal of the project’s certification  approaches.

MyFigueroa is the city of L.A.’s innovative downtown complete streets project, in the works since 2008. The project extends from Downtown L.A. (from the 7th and Fig outdoor mall) into South L.A.(to Exposition Park), and features pedestrian, transit, and bicycle improvements, including what will be the city’s first protected bike lane. MyFigueroa was approved by the City Council in 2013,  but an appeal ended up putting the project before the Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee in late January 2014, when approval was put on hold for “30 days.” In city-timeline-speak, thirty days is usually equal to two to four months.

The project is expect to return to PLUM any day now, so MyFig proponents have been making the rounds to reaffirm the broad public support that MyFig enjoys. Many Neighborhood Councils have passed resolutions supporting MyFig, but are now weighing in with letters urging prompt approval.

Just last week, MyFig got a boost from the Empowerment Congress North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC.) According to MyFigueroa advocate Michael MacDonald, NANDC voted to approve sending a letter to the city’s PLUM committee at their March 6th meeting. The motion stated that NANDC supports the project as an investment in the community, and, further, urges the city to proceed with the project as designed rather than risk its funding through redesign.

Last night, MyFig was on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s (DLANC) agenda. At the beginning of the meeting the board was presented with an award in honor of their advocacy for complete streets by Councilmember Jose Huizar. Public comment was unanimous in support of MyFig, and the DLANC approved this MyFig support letter by a vote of 16 in favor, none opposed, one abstaining. Here’s a selection from the DLANC letter:

[DLANC] is concerned about recent efforts to eliminate southbound bicycle lanes from Figueroa, which would reduce the effectiveness in creating a safe and convenient multi-modal street. Adjustments at this late phase also put the My Figueroa project’s funding in jeopardy; unnecessarily delaying much needed improvements that our residents and
businesses may benefit from.
We request that Los Angeles City Council expeditiously approve the My Figueroa project as currently designed, with ample pedestrian areas and enhanced bicycle infrastructure serving both North and South directions of travel along Figueroa Street.

Next week, MyFig support is on the agendas for both the South Central Neighborhood Council and the Voices of 90037 Neighborhood Council. To get involved in efforts to support MyFigueroa, join the Keep MyFig On Track Working Group. If you can’t make a meeting but want to weigh in, this on-line petition urging USC to support the MyFig Project is also gaining momentum


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