SaMo City Council Debates Bergamot Transit Village

Do you care about the Expo Line and what happens around it? We do.


That’s why we’ll be in the Santa Monica on Tuesday to support the Hines Bergamot Transit Village project.


Please join us at 6pm on Tuesday, January 28th at the Santa Monica City Council Chambers as we speak in support of the project.


Bergamot Transit village will provide:


  • A transit-oriented development at a critical stop on the first light rail in Santa Monica
  • Permeability for pedestrians and bikes into the surrounding neighborhood to make the Expo light rail a success in Bergamot
  • $11,000,000 in contributions towards childcare programs and youth training (over the life of the project)
  • 93 on-site affordable housing units (more affordable housing than has been delivered in Santa Monica in the last four years combined)
  • A $2,000,000 contribution towards parks in the City to fund the Expo Buffer Park promised to Pico neighborhood residents
  • Four acres of on-site open space, streets and sidewalks including a public plaza for events and a neighborhood park for recreation
  • An unprecedented performance-based Transportation Demand Management program which will reduce traffic
  • Sustainable LEED Gold Buildings that strive for Net Zero Water and Net Zero Energy
  • Numerous other benefits including historic preservation funding, internship programs, local hiring programs, bike share funding, shared parking, etc
  • Nicola Scott

    And what about the 7,000 extra cars coming into Santa Monica and leaving every day when we already are past capacity?

  • Niall Huffman

    What about the tens of thousands of cars that enter and leave Santa Monica every day due to the fact that housing supply is constricted and workers can’t afford to buy or rent a place to live near their jobs?

  • Joe

    Traffic isn’t caused by density. It’s caused by sprawl. The further away things are from each other, the more reliant on private transportation people become. The idea of the expo line is to ameliorate traffic congestion. It undoubtedly would be more economical for an out of the city commuter to take the expo line to the BTV for work everyday than drive their car. Furthermore, the addition of low-income housing further alleviates traffic congestion by reducing the need to commute into the city everyday for those with low income-jobs. Instead of worrying so much about traffic, argue a different point. I would love to rebut that as well.


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