Reminder, We’ll Be Broadcasting This Afternoon’s Speech by Gabe Klein at Streetsblog TV

Later this afternoon we’ll be Live Streaming the presentation by former Chicago and Washington D.C. DOT boss Gabe Klein, live at 1 pm from City Hall. You can watch the presentation here.

Sometimes Live Streams can be a bit choppy, and City Hall isn’t exactly known for high quality wi-fi, so we’ll be recoding the videos and uploading them to our YouTube page over the weekend. We’ll post notices as the videos are uploaded.

The speech is sponsored by the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles Chapter and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti. If you’re not familiar with Klein, you can catch up a little by reading Streetsblog’s event preview post from Monday.

I’m the person behind the camera. Tweet comments, suggestions, angry notes to @damientypes.We fixed the glitch from last time. We should be clear sailing tomorrow.

  • LAHeat

    Gee whiz folks, this was a traffic accident! This was not a conspiracy by the LAPD to strike a person with a vehicle. And there are no dash board cameras on the Mayor’s SUV! When the traffic collision report is completed it will be reviewed by ALL and then the appropriate commanding officer will determine fault (regardless of what Cmdr Smith may have said). Then that commanding officer’s boss will review it, and in this instance (because it is a high profile case indirectly involving the mayor) Chief Beck may review it. Regardless of when the pedestrian stepped off the curb, the officer driving will be held at fault and will be subject to the prescribed discipline and or training in the LAPD’s protocol. And NO the officer will not be fired, will not be given a bunch of days off! It was an accident – not a conspiracy or coverup! Get it? An accident, an unintentional occurrence.

    Oh and as far as the Mayor being allowed to go the City Hall? Right – the driver officer was given a “privilege” not afforded to you or me. And not because he was a cop – the Mayor is a target and having him wait around on a public street would cause a security concern. And yes, by virtue of his status he is afforded things you or I are not! If you want the same status, then become a public official.

  • Stvr

    Is city hall known for having ANY decent wifi? Last I checked it was nonfunctional and not destined to be fixed.


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