Progressive Cycles, a Meeting with Gabe Klein

The Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles invite you to a special event:

Progressive Cycles: A Meeting with Gabe Klein
With Introductory Remarks from Art Leahy, CEO Metro
(click here to download the MTA Bikeshare Report)

Friday, January 17, 2014
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Board of Public Works Session Room (Room 350)
L.A. City Hall
200 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA

He changed the ways Washington and Chicago get around. What will he say about L.A.?

Meet Gabe Klein. Gabe recently resigned asTransportation Commissioner for the City of Chicago. He is responsible for two of the most successful bikeshare programs in the U.S: Divvy in Chicago, and, before that, Capital Bikeshare in Washington, D.C.

In Chicago, Divvy has grown to about 3,000 bicycles at 300 bike-docking stations, providing more than 600,000 trips and 1.5 million miles. In D.C., as District Department of Transportation Director, he launched the largest bikeshare program in U.S. in less than 1 year. And his successes go beyond bikes, transforming policies from traffic congestion to pedestrians and streetcars.

Entrepreneurial yet collaborative, Gabe makes new mobility strategies work smoothly. As Los Angeles moves forward – including with Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative and MTA’s regional bikeshare program – Gabe has much to say.


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