Today’s Headlines

  • Safer Streets for Walking? It’s Going to Take More Than New Laws (LAT)
  • How About Bike Licensing? No? Ok, Cool. Good Talk (LAT)
  • Everyone Needs to Stop Lying About Costs Before Transportation Bonding Initiatives (City Watch)
  • Manchester Becoming a Ghost Town Near LAX (LAT)
  • Cyclists Naming Tom LaBonge by Name As Obstacle to Progress (Orange 20, Flying Pigeon)
  • SaMo City Council Caps Number of 5k and 10k Races Every Weekend (SMDP)
  • Yes, Even Fitness Gurus Can Be Terrible, Entitled Drivers (Curbed)
  • Let’s Get Ready for High Speed Rail Legal Rumble! (Handford Sentinel)

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  • Joe B

    “When we run one of these races, anyone who lives on the north side of
    San Vicente cannot get to Santa Monica,” he said. “We have to go to Los
    Angeles, drive down the Pacific Coast Highway or drive Sunset Boulevard
    to 26th Street at least. … Do you realize the burden of being cut off
    from the city for several hours?” — SM Councilmember Bob Holbrook

    He’s right, the burden of driving an entire extra mile, several times per year, must be devastating. It’s kind of like having cancer.

    Can we get a moment of silence here, for the ordeal that Councilmember Bob Holbrook must endure?