Today’s Headlines

  • Crazy Person Sees Bike Conspiracy Theories Everywhere (Boulevard Sentinel)
  • New MTA Video Shows People Darting in Front of Trains in Burbank (LA_Now)
  • Gov., Legislature Have Plan to Get Federal Transit Funds Moving to CA (The Source, LAT)
  • CA Papers Blame Obama Administration for Unneeded Fight Over Pensions (CoCo Times)
  • Can LA Become Mural Capitol of the World Again? (Argo)
  • DUI’s Up 10% Over Last Year in End of Summer Sting (Daily News)
  • Bonin/Koretz Propose Fracking Ban (LAT, Daily News)
  • Newspaper Group’s Summer of Cycling Series Comes to a Merciful End with Inane Letters, Decent Op/Ed
  • Despite Benefits of Greenway on Michigan in SaMo, Press Focuses on Parking (SMDP, Curbed)
  • 8 Year Old Journalist Outlines Dangers of Biking on PCH North of Malibu (Malibu Times)
  • “Blue Line Farmer’s Market” Opened Yesterday (The Source)
  • Architect Calls for More TOD in LA (Arch Paper)
  • Young Female Cyclist Has Leg Amputated After Being Pushed Through Plate Glass (Register, LB Post)

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  • Joshua Crowell

    Damien, as a progressive who’s committed to better urban and environmental policies, I really treasure this blog. However, also as a progressive, I’m getting very tired of seeing your anti-union comments and links. I don’t expect to see such right-wing views on a blog such as this. These public employees bargained for these reasonable pensions, and they didn’t get them for free — they bargained away other benefits, such as salaries. Now, just because the private corporations have been systematically allowed to violate their bargains with their workers does not mean we should turn around and do the same to public employees. Anyway, this is very tangentially related to transportation policy, so I would appreciate seeing much less of this crap.

  • I’m confused…would you rather that I not link to an op/ed that appeared in dozens of the largest newpapers across the state that directly dealt with the federal governments or would you have preferred that I snark on its contents as I did with the Summer of Cycling or Tom Topping?

    If the first, then I disagree. It was an important piece.

    If the second, then I fall back on this. I’m not an expert on labor law, labor practices or anything of the sort. In my personal politics, I support labor at the ballot box. Generally, a labor supported candidate is the one I’ll back. Exceptions exist of course.

    So I try to call it down the middle if there is a labor issue that impacts transit/transportation/public health/whatever else we cover in some way. Just give the facts. The headline above accurately sumarizes what the editorial said. Again, it’s an editorial that appeared in papers around the state.

    However, I will criticize labor organizations that actively get in the way of Livable Streets. The most common example is construction unions that push for bad projects because they would mean job creation in the short-and mid-term.

  • calwatch

    “Right wing views”? Livable streets and transit is not a left right issue. Pension reform was approved overwhelmingly by a DEMOCRATIC legislature. “Crap”? What the Obama Administration, by rejecting the power of transportation agencies to amend pension provisions for FUTURE employees, is the real “crap”… Which Brown has, ultimately, caved into in order to keep the flow of funds moving. Not that the voters, who overwhelmingly support pension reform and management rights to control the costs to taxpayers, really wanted it, but Federal funding for transit is too important to get held up in bureaucratic arguments.

  • davistrain

    There’s a commentor on the “New MTA video” article who is the most flamingly anti-railroad person I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe he owns a trucking company or an auto dealership. Here’s what George Carlin had to say about safety around railroad tracks:

    “This item demonstrates how stupid the average American
    is. Every ninety minutes someone in this
    country is hit by a train. A train,
    okay? Trains are on tracks; they can’t
    come and get you. They can’t surprise
    you when you step off a curb. You have
    to go to them. Got that?”

  • Anonymous

    I would have a much easier time seeing this as a “progressive issue” if the Obama Admin and other D’s gave a crap about unions other than public employees and the trades. Where are they when Wal-Mart cans workers for trying to organize? Where are they when the auto industry uses its bankruptcy/bailout to slash wages and benefits for new UAW employees?