Today’s Headlines

  • Intentional Hit and Run Attack on Venice Boardwalk Captivates Nation (CNN, LAT, ABC, CBS)
  • Garcetti Backs State Rules for Car Share Apps (LAT)
  • A Bi-Lingual Look at L.A.’s Ghost Bikes (La Opinion)
  • Presentation and Video from Union Station Master Plan Workshop (The Source)
  • And Here’s an Outside Look at the Meeting (Transit Watch)
  • Former Daily News Editor Bike Commutes for a Day…and Loves It (Daily News)
  • Caltrans Active Transportation Budget Gets Big Boost in Draft Budget (CalBike)
  • Petition Asks Culver City Council to Add Police Patrols to Ballona Bike Path (Change.Org)
  • Downtown Can’t Grow Without Water Capacity (Downtown News)
  • CAHSR Responds to Spanish HSR Wreck (KRCA)
  • Governor Rescues BART, Three Member Board Temporarily Averts Strike (LAT)
  • D.A. Refuses to Press Charges in Bieber Hit and Run for Some Reason (TMZ)

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  • Mike

    That Ghost Bike in La Opinion is nicely done. It begins something like this…


    White bikes mark the place where cyclists have perished in Southern California’s streets.
    Some have flowers, others have photographs or poems in memory. Others only have a name and date.
    For many, these white bikes chained to posts on Los Angeles’s street corners and in other cities in Southern California, don’t register more than a simple glance to satisfy one’s curiosity. For others, they are a sad footprint that shows the place where a life was taken, leaving the memories of a grandparent, a child, or a sibling.
    Also, these “ghost bikes” or “bicicletas fantasmas” are a reminder for motorists.