Today’s Headlines

  • Cyclists Unhappy with Spring Street “Compromise” (LAT, Curbed, LAist, City News Service)
  • The Comments on This Even Handed Story on Spring Street Are Insane (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Crenshaw Subway Coalition Ponders Whether Metro CEO Should Be Fired (Front Page)
  • Live from Venice, It’s Governor Villaraigosa? (KPCC)
  • Violent Misogynist Fights City Over Mural Ordinance Fine (LAT)
  • Newspaper Group Damns Villaraigosa with Faint Praise (Daily News)
  • CA Sprawling? Biggest State Also the Quickest to Densify (CP&DR)
  • Where the Entire Eastside Is “Other Communities” (Curbed)
  • Is Merging Planning and Building Safety the Best Idea? (Biz Observed)
  • The Paper of Record Likes Bill Rosendahl Almost As Much As We Do (LAT)
  • Santa Monica Blvd. Is Scary (WeHo Bike)
  • Metro Says Gate Locking Is Going Well for Metro (The Source)
  • Daily Carnage: Driver Surrenders Standing Next to Smoking Rubble (NBC4)

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  • Miguel

    More information about the WeHo Bike/Ped Mobility Plan and a survey are available at the project website:

  • davistrain

    Not sure why the “Smoking Rubble” report belongs in the “Daily Carnage” category. According to the new item, no humans or animals were harmed; the only “casualty” was the car (or a mechanical part thereof). If it means one fewer car on the road, isn’t that a “good thing”?

  • Nate

    I think Streetsblog should omit the “Daily Carnage” section of the daily headlines.

    a) It’s poor taste to stick a pun onto a link that in most cases is a story about death or serious injury to a real person. How would you like it if you knew the person the story was about?

    b) The idea of a daily item relating to an auto-wreck just anesthetizes people to road accidents. If the goal is to highlight the regularity of auto accidents and the serious harm they do, I think switching to a weekly or bi-weekly wrap-up is less numbing. It’s like when PBS does their Honor Roll of soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. If its everyday, it doesn’t strike home as forcefully as every once in awhile.

  • a) huh? I don’t make jokes about the crashes, I usually just reprint the headline
    b) fair point. Doing a daily or weekly recap generally takes a lot of work, Streetsblog NYC has a writer who just does that…and I would rather spend my time on other articles than hunting down every crash.

  • Nate

    I know you don’t make jokes. But the pun in “carnage” is a joke in itself. Consider a new title for the link, if possible.

    Honestly, it’s not that big a deal. But since the national Streetsblog published a piece saying this:

    “Until the awareness and urgency about traffic behavior and
    transportation policy moves beyond the livable streets advocates and
    wonks, I’m afraid nothing will change.”

    …I thought I would venture my own opinion that daily carnage contributes to the normalization of car accident deaths, and detracts from a sense of urgency.

    It’s a difficult needle to thread- highlighting the frequency of awful car accidents while at the same time presenting these incidents in a way that provokes something other than numbness. I’m not sure I have an answer for how best to do it.

  • Erik Griswold

    The readers of this blog need to be reminded over and over that the addiction to the automobile is even more deadly than we realize and has long-lasting impacts on many people.

  • Erik Griswold

    Of course the locking of the *turnstiles* is going well. There are 2-3 Temp workers plus 1-2 armed Law Enforcement Officers at each bank of them.