Today’s Headlines

  • Goodmon Credits South L.A. Advocacy for Surprise Win on Leimert Park Station (Front Page)
  • No, Seriously. What’s with All the Placard Abuse (Atlantic Cities)
  • Lock the Gates! (Daily News, The Source)
  • Daily News Editorial Writer Takes Aim at the Rabinowitz’s of the World
  • It’ll Take More Than a Blue Bike Lane to Make Westwood Hip, Although Said Lane Will Help (LAT, Curbed)
  • Regional Connector Construction Concerns (Downtown News)
  • A Plea to the City Council Not to Screw Up Spring Street (Biking in L.A.)
  • Beverly Hills Getting Bike Lanes (Patch via Curbed)
  • L.A. Breaking the Car Addiction (Bloomberg)
  • Go Right to The Source and Ask The Horse. OCTA Opens Blog (OC On the Move)
  • Port of Long Beach Cargo Numbers Rise. Port of LA Cargo Numbers Fall (Daily Breeze)
  • Daily Carnage: Powerful Buzz Feed, Rolling Stone, Writer Dies in Highland Ave. Crash (L.A. Weekly)
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  • lex h

    Can anyone explain to me how more dense neighborhoods (Hollywood Towers) will make traffic worse? I really don’t understand not trying to start an argument.

  • James Fujita

    it’s simple, really. since the 1950s, TV has been turning people into sheep. it’s the radiation or something.
    sheep need land to graze. when land becomes denser, the sheep can’t graze. so they start bleeting in herds. herds of bleeting sheep are hard to drive through.

    so that causes traffic.

  • Adding density to a neighborhood tends to result in a greater overall number of automobile trips, even if individual residents tend to drive less often. The drop in driving as a percentage of all trips isn’t enough to offset the additional car trips being taken by new residents.

    The question is whether the improvements in livability and accessibility from a non-automobile point of view are worth a modest increase in delays to car traffic. Most people reading this blog would probably be inclined to say yes.