Today’s Headlines

  • Metro’s Long Range Funding Forecast Shows Fare Hikes Coming…Just Not Next Year (The Source)
  • L.A. Weekly Profiles Jennifer Klausner in Their 2013 People Issue
  • Living Close to Busy Streets Bad for Kidneys. South L.A. Has a Lot of “Busy Streets” (OnCentral)
  • New DMV Web Page, Video Show Drivers How to Share the Road With Cyclists (Cyclelicious)
  • SF Subway Project Not Going Smooth. Westside, Are We Next? (Observed)
  • Never Trust a Study from the University of Minnesota. Greater L.A. “Best” Place to Car Commute (Curbed)
  • You Can Go Carfree in Los Angeles, But It’s Not Easy (KCET)
  • LASD Arrests Man for Stabbing of Metro Bus Driver (The Source)
  • Is It OK to Vote for Wendy Because She’s a Woman? (Daily News)
  • Daily Carnage: Cyclist Killed by Driver Fleeing Gunfire in Florence (LA_Now)
  • Bonus Carnage: Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run in the Valley (Nixie)
  • Mmmmm, This Is Delicious Cake I Have. I Think I’ll Have Some (The Same People That Said Cyclists Aren’t “Special”)

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  • What’s with the snark on the Atlantic Cities link? The two posts they published on bikes and traffic laws were essentially op-eds by different writers presenting different perspectives. Is there something I’m missing?

  • calwatch

    The more the bike people win, the more John Kobylt squirms. It’s entertaining to listen to, and if you wanted to live in cartopia you could move to Orange County, but you don’t.

  • Joe B

    Kind of sad how even the DMV gets it wrong. I found the following linked from the DMV webpage mentioned above:

    “Bicyclists are lawfully permitted to ride on certain sections of roadway in rural areas where there is no alternate route.”
    (Bizarre wording — bicyclists are also permitted on the roadway in urban areas, or when there is an alternate route)

    “Shall ride as near to the right curb or edge of the roadway as practical– not on the sidewalk.”

    (The law says “practicable”, not “practical”. And sidewalk riding is legal except where prohibited by local ordinance. And riding to the right is not required except in the few lanes that are wide enough for a car to pass a bike safely.)

    “Should ride single file on a busy or narrow street.”

    (This is not the law.)

    No wonder the police have so much trouble figuring out where bikes are supposed to ride — they’re getting fed bad information by the DMV.