Streetsblog Los Angeles Honored by City Council

Screengrab off Channel 35 by Juan Matute. Marybeth Newton playing the role of child juggler, and Carter on the left, me in the center, Joel and Bill on the right

Assuming the City Council hasn’t run wildly late this morning, Streetsblog Los Angeles just received our commendation on our 5th birthday. Thanks guys! I was joined at the podium by my family, and Streetsblog Los Angeles Board Members Joel Epstein and Carter Rubin. Epstein was also honored for his role in the re-opening of Bundy Triangle Pocket Park.

Given two minutes to say thanks, I also challenged the Council to continue down the path staked out these last few years towards livability.

Thank you very much for allowing me this time to speak and for wishing all of us at Streetsblog a happy birthday.

I brought my children today, not just so they can see their Dad get an award and get on tv, but because they are the reason we work so hard to put out Streetsblog every day. We can’t fix all the problems in the worldas much as we’d like to. But we can give them a safe, clean city with a bevy of affordable transportation options, open space, and healthy communities.

And that’s what Streetsblog is all about, helping create that future through journalism. By highlighting the good work of community leaders, volunteers, parents, businesses and yes…even sometimes City Council Members.

With the 2013 election, the city is at a crossroads. Yes, we have a growing transit system thanks in large part to Measure R, but will we see these projects completed in time for these children to enjoy them? Yes, we have a bike plan, but do we have the courage to implement it? Yes, we have new pedestrian coordinators at LADOT, for the first time ever, but can we find the funds to fix our sidewalks and make all our intersections ADA compliant.

We are also at a crossroads of political leadership. Many of our stalwart supporters, Ed Reyes, Bill Rosendahl, Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry, to name a few are moving on. Who on the dais will rise to replace them? Will the next mayor continue to move the city forward towards a green transportation future?

Time will tell, but as the story unfolds, Streetsblog will be there to cover it, and maybe even help keep us all moving at the right speed in the right direction.

We’ll have pictures and video from the day online soon.


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