Improved Bike Parking at Dodger Stadium? The Dodgers Earn an Incomplete

During the offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers promised improved bicycle access and parking at Dodger Stadium as part of the stadium renovations  With CICLE and the Eastside Bike Club promoting their annual Dodgertown Bike Ride this Saturday, now seems to be as good a day as any to check in.

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In 2008, Streetsblog completed a series on biking to Dodger Stadium that ended with sad results. Despite our pleas, the situation didn’t improve while the parking lot capitalist owned the team. With new leadership, would we see new results?

The answer is a profound “not yet.”

Streetsblog reader Tenney Hood tested the improved bicycle parking and found it lacking:

Although the bicycle parking map provided on the Dodgers official website shows bicycle parking at all of the Stadium entrances, these parking racks do not actually exist. I have asked many security guards at multiple games; the only rack any are aware of is on the Top Deck, which on the map is the bicycle rack in Parking Lot P. This in it of itself is a problem–I have to carry my bicycle up to the Top Deck, lock it, then walk back down to my own level to the enter the field. At the end of the game, I have to return to the Top Deck, against the traffic of thousands of people. Additionally, Stadium staff will not let you access the stairs or the elevator closest to the Top Deck, making this even more difficult.

Yikes, so there’s quite a bit of room between the Dodgers and their rivals in the bay who have a functioning bike valet system.

As we found in 2008, staff and parking attendants seem completely confused as to where the parking actually is, and the Dodgers tend to move it around.

During the last home set (I attended the April 15 game), bicycle parking was at least inside the Top Deck gate, where it was secure. However, as of the current home set parking has now been relocated to a remote, dark, unsecured corner of the Top Deck parking lot, Lot P. I was unable to locate the rack even after a security guard told me where it had moved. A second guard had no idea where it was. Finally, I located it. I can hardly believe where it now is because the location is so remote as to invite bike theft. Of course, this means that the location of the rack in Lot P shown on the bicycle parking map is now incorrect as well.

 That totally seems like a great deal for cyclists, especially after security forces you to walk through the gigantic parking lot.
But Hood isn’t one to take bad situations lying down. She left a message for the Dodgers that apparently caused quite a stir inside of their offices.
…during the Stadium renovations the construction crews took out the formerly placed bicycle racks, but didn’t adequately communicate this to the Stadium staff. He confirmed with me that there are currently racks in lots G (on both the right and left), D, P, and L, although no Stadium staff I have spoken to have ever been aware of the racks other than those in Lot P. By May 10, additional bicycle parking should be added in lots B, N, and P. He told me staff questioned why an incorrect map was published on the website and that they have even removed it; however, as of writing this email, the incorrect map is still currently available on the website…
He told me that the current rack in Lot P, the Top Deck, was moved due to something about how they allow motorized vehicles, such as motorized wheelchairs into the Stadium, and that following my concerns, they reviewed the new location of the bicycle rack in Lot P and believe it to be secure enough, commenting that they have security guards on foot and in cars in all the lots. I told Brett that I had spoken with the security staff member closest to the bicycle racks, and that she had been unable to help me locate them and unaware that they were there. He told me he would send an email following up on this for me.
 In the end, Hood urges Streetsblog readers to stay away from the Top Deck Rack, no matter the Dodgers’ assurances. We’ll check in on the state of bike parking again soon, after the Dodgers have a chance to improve the situation before the week’s bike event to the stadium.
  • Susuan

    Another reason to support the Giants!

  • Zacko

    I fell victim to this false showing. I had to have my friend hand me his car keys through the gate and shove my bike into his car. That’s much better than spending money on dogs and beer!

  • I’ve been to Dodger Stadium three times this year, and have parked my bike inside the stadium gates adjacent to Lot P/Top Deck each time. The first game I went to was the Freeway Series exhibition game vs. the Angels — the very first game since the recent renovations. A lot of work was still ongoing; the new ticket offices were barely functional, and there was dust everywhere. I went to the Reserve Level third-base entrance to check out the new bike parking, and found only a crappy wheelbender rack (even crappier than the old one) waiting to be installed:

    Not seeing anywhere else to park my bike, I headed up to the usual Lot P location, where I found that the stadium gates have been moved outward to encompass the old bike parking area (which doubles as a smoking patio, naturally). The security guard, a middle-aged woman named Sally, was super nice and helpful in letting me through with my bike (and apologetic about the stadium’s no-open-container policy as she emptied my water bottles and pointed me toward the drinking fountains just inside the gates). I parked at the same location at the next game I attended, on April 6. I have yet to see any proper bike racks — wheelbender or otherwise — installed at any other location around the outside of the stadium.

    At the last game I attended (on Friday, April 26), I discovered that the old rack was indeed gone from the usual location, though I was able to lock up to some metal crowd control barriers that were sitting in that same corner of the Top Deck concourse. After reading Ms. Hood’s account, I find this preferable to leaving my bike way out in a dark corner of the parking lot, away from where security stationed at the gates can see it. Next time I go, I’m still going to try taking my bike through the gates and locking up to whatever I can find.

    Needless to say, the lack of improved bike parking at Dodger Stadium — staff friendliness notwithstanding — is a huge letdown after seeing that map posted on the team web site during the offseason. It’s disappointing that after pouring all that money into the ballpark, they couldn’t be bothered to invest in a dozen or so inverted-U racks and place them near the various gates to accommodate fans arriving by bike. For some reason, bikes just weren’t on the radar of the new Dodger ownership or the architectural team they brought in to do the renovations.

    The AT&T Park bike valet system is amazing and far superior to anything available to fans at LA sporting events. It will be a cold day in hell, however, before I ever support the Giants. ;-)


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