Today’s Headlines

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  • Metro Ends Monthly Charge for Irregular FastTrack Users of ExpressLanes (LATCurbed, The Source, ZevWeb)
  • 5 Ways to Irritate Everyone with Barely Coherent Arguments (L.A. Weekly)
  • Media Continues to Lionize Distracted Driver Who Plays with Apps While Driving (LAT)
  • An Editorial In Favor of High Speed Rail, aka The 4th Sign of the Apocalypse (Daily News)
  • How CicLAvia Engaged Angelenos in the Public Space (KCET)
  • Wanting an Even Bigger 405 Project, Elon Musk Donates to Angelenos Against Gridlock (Curbed, LAT)
  • The Current 405 Disaster is $75 Million Over Budget and a Year Late, Let’s Do It Again! (Daily News)
  • Villaraigosa, Mayors, Make Case for CEQA Reform (Daily News)
  • Using Traffic Cams to Watch Us…Seems a Little Big Brother (without the Holding Company) to Me (KCET)
  • LA Cyclists Look to Rotterdam in the Netherlands for Inspiration (KCRW)
  • Tips for the Next Mayor (Planning Report)
  • I Honestly Can’t Believe They’re Still Talking About Cracking Down on Fitness Classes in S.M. Parks (Patch)
  • Daily Carnage: Bicyclist Shot by LASD Deputy Unarmed, “Suspicious” (LAT, CBS2)

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  • Anonymous

    Re: LA weekly article: personally, my favorite bad driver stereotype is the white male who thinks he’s a better driver than everyone else despite considerable insurance data to the contrary. But that’s just me…

  • Marcotico

    LA Weekly bossed to Dennis Romero “When you think you’ve trolled enough, troll some more, our online advertisers will thank you for it.”

  • Marcotico

    bosses not bossed

  • davistrain

    Regarding the “unarmed” bicyclist shot by an LASD deputy–would this incident have made the “Daily Carnage” report if the person in question had been a motorist?