Huizar: It’s Time to Paint the Spring Street Green Bike Lane

Last Friday, Downtown and Eastside City Councilman Jose Huizar upped the ante in the debate over by introducing a motion demanding that LADOT repaint the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane. The motion, introduced by Bill Rosendahl and Ed Reyes on his behalf because of Huizar’s physical absence on Friday,

The lane was painted in November of 2011, but objections from Film L.A. have clouded the lane’s future. Despite the support of the local Neighborhood Council, local City Council Member and studies showing the paint has attracted riders and made the street more safe, Film L.A. seems to be able to keep the lane from being repainted by basically lieing about how hard it is to remove green paint in post production. (see video above)

But Huizar’s concern is getting the lane painted, and if there is a way to mollify the film industry, than LADOT and the City should do that as well.

“I support the green bike lanes in Downtown Los Angeles,” Huizar told Streetsblog. “They help keep bicyclists and motorists safe, promote multi-modal transportation Downtown and are widely used. I understand the film industry’s concerns and am open to discuss ways to improve the lanes, but I do not support removing them entirely. They serve a distinct purpose and we should continue to make them available to a growing Downtown community.”

We haven’t found the motion on the city’s website, but Huizar’s office provided Streetsblog with a copy. It can be found after the jump.

2013.04.19 Huizar Spring St Green Bike Lane Motion by Damien Newton


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