Streetsblog Questionnaire for Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel

How can Streetsblog best add to the discussion of the May 21 mayoral runoff between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel? That was one question myself and a panel of Livable Streets advocates discussed at yesterday’s inaugural web broadcast for Streetsblog L.A. You can see the entire discussion here.

Our solution was to offer each candidate a second questionnaire, which they can answer over email, phone, video conference or with an in-person interview. The questions would be a little harder than the ones we posed in our interview series, but are the types of things candidates for Mayor should be able to answer.

If you have better questions, leave them in the comments section. We’ll be mailing the candidates on Thursday afternoon.

Dear Councilman Garcetti/Controller Greuel,

Thank you for taking the time to take part in our video series before the primary. We have plans to expand the series a little before the general election, but we’ve also developed a second questionnaire for the both candidates that you can find below. There are many ways you can answer this survey: you can mail or email us answers, we can arrange for a broadcast google hangout, we can do a telephone interview, or we can come meet you again. It’s entirely up to your campaign. If we need to work together to make arrangements, or if you want to email us answers, please contact me at (my cell phone) or

Here are the questions:

1) Give a letter-grade to Jaime De La Vega as General Manager of LADOT. What qualities does he possess that you might look for in a new General Manager? Do you have any ideas who you might ask to replace him, if you’re planning on replacing him?

2) Mayor Villaraigosa has made several appointments to the Metro Board of Directors: Council Members Jose Huizar, Bernard Parks and Tom LaBonge, Richard Katz, Mel Wilson, and David Fleming to name a few. Without committing to an appointment, which of these people possess the qualities you are most looking for in a Metro Board appointment. Why?

3) Now that the city is progressing on the bicycle plan and has hired two pedestrian coordinators, how can the city fund pedestrian improvements in the same exciting fashion as it is bicycle improvements?

4) Give an example of a specific project in transportation, public health, urban planning, or open space that you would advance your first year in office.

5) Feel free to tell us anything you want. There is no maximum or minimum amount of words for this part.



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