Today’s Headlines

  • Construction of Expo Phase II Moving Faster Than Expected (ZevWeb)
  • DJ Waldie’s Basic Overview of East v West (KCET)
  • What’s Still Table for the 710 Project (The Source)
  • Yup, People Are Still Upset About the Project (Pasadena Star-News)
  • Yup, People Are Still Excited About the South Figueuroa Corridor Project (Neon Tommy)
  • Yup, People Are Still Talking About CEQA Reform (CAHSR Blog)
  • Curbed Doesn’t Like the New Names for SaMo Civic Park
  • Greuel’s Budget Plan and LAPD/LAFD Policies Drawing Ridicule (LAT)
  • And An Endorsement from the L.A. Newspapers (Daily News)
  • It Doesn’t Matter Whether He Was “Evading Paparazzi,” He Was Still Driving Dangerously (Reuters)
  • I Would Bet He Really Appreciates Articles Such as This (Daily News)

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