Today’s Headlines

  • Cornfield Arroyo Seco a Model Plan for City (LAT)
  • “Secretary Villaraigosa” Is All the Buzz (KPCC, The Hill)
  • Republican News Site Lays Out the Scandals, Calls Him Unfit (Red Alert)
  • “Concerned Citizens of Los Angeles” Mock the Idea of Secretary Villaraigosa (PR News)
  • But Some People Know to Talk to the Experts (KPCC)
  • Streetsblog SF Founding Editor’s New Site Looks at Gov.’s Budget on Transpo (Bryan Goebel)
  • Eastsider Kind of Makes It Sound Like Metro Is Trying to Bribe Opponents of Big Dig with Transit
  • Trees Arrive for Spring Street Pocket Park (Curbed)
  • Huizar “Discretionary Funds” Save Skid Row Parks (Downtown News)
  • Foes Question How Much Money Greuel Saved City (LAT)
  • Also: She’s a Woman (LAT)
  • Rahm: BRT Gives Cities Advantage in Jobs Race (Streetsblog Chicago)
  • Gas Prices Are Up (Daily News)

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  • Mmatasc

    Some real persuasive writing in those Villaraigosa articles (sarcasm font).

    Seriously why is all of the criticism of Tony V focused on how much of a sleazeball he is not his actual political career?

  • calwatch

    His actual career has been fairly unremarkable. Sure he was instrumental behind Measure R. But on public safety, he maintained the Bratton era but didn’t particularly expand cops to the 10,000 he promised. The million tree thing was a bust. The tiger team on the roadways made a big splash but now you hardly see any of the white gloves doing traffic control, as in the early days of the tiger team. Potholes are just as bad as usual. The Valley feels as neglected as always. Overall Villaraigosa hasn’t been bad, but neither has he been good. LA has just suffered through a lot of average mayors, going back to Tom Bradley. 

    Incidentally this is why when I identify myself on vacation, I always say the generic Southern California, or the Inland Empire if they are more geographically literate.