Today’s Headlines

  • Most CEQA Lawsuits a Cudget Against Public Works and Infill Projects (The Source)
  • Daily News: Covers Yesterday’s Hearing on #RoadBond without Mentioning Bikes, Sidewalks
  • Patch: Calls Delayed Vote a “Setback” for Englander, Buscaino
  • NBC4: #RoadBond a “Pothole Tax”
  • Check Out the “Official” Website for #RoadBond (City of Los Angeles)
  • Legislature’s Black Caucus Opposes Coliseum Plan Because They Want More Open Space (LAT)
  • Santa Monica Invests $1 Million in Big Blue Bus (Surf SM)
  • But Continues Bizarre War on Public Exercise (LAT)
  • Atlantic Cities Looks at Options for Sepulveda Transit Project
  • Labor Secretary Returning to L.A. to Run for Supervisor? (LAT, Daily News, KPCC)
  • Truckers Union Reaches Deal with Ports (Daily News)
  • Security Theatre in Airports a Great Reason to Invest in HSR (Neon Tommy)
  • Plans for Yosemite Calls for More Cars, LAT Wants to See More Bikes
  • Petition for at Change.Org for Below Grade Crenshaw Line
  • Transpo Secretary LaHood: “There’s No Stopping” Federal CAHSR Funding

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  • Anonymous

    I think the port headline should be “reaches” not “rejects”.

    The petition at is for a below-grade crossing at Florence & Centinela, separate from the campaign for full grade separation on Crenshaw Blvd. There is an “option” for a grade separation at Centinela in the Crenshaw RFP. The goal is to try to get contractors to  come up with ways to include that option without increasing the cost. Same as Leimert Park.

    The petition’s assertion that light rail lines built in affluent areas don’t have grade crossings is flat out ridiculous. The Gold Line doesn’t have grade crossings in Pasadena? Expo Line doesn’t have grade crossings in Santa Monica?