The Week in Livable Streets Events

As we get towards the end of the year, things tend to slow down in the events category, but there’s some hot ones in the calendar…including our modified “end of the year” party at Eco-Village where we say goodbye (or see you later) to Joe Linton.

  • All week until next MondayOrange 20 has agreed to continue the poster show and sale from Saturday’s ARTCRANK through the entire week until Monday. You can buy some hot posters (some are viewable on LAist,) or bid on the “paper bike sculpture” created by Nona Varnado. One of the posters, and the proceeds of the silent auction, benefits Los Angeles Streetsblog. But don’t let that stop you from buying one of the others. I like the one with the bear…
  • Tonight – We don’t usually preview every “Service Sector Council” meeting for Metro, because, well, because it would be overwhelming. But, given the fireworks last week on Ara Najarian’s re-appointment to the Metro Board of Directors, maybe this one will turn out to be really exciting. More on Najarian and the politics of the I-710 in a bit. Get the meeting details and agenda, here.
  • Tonight, Tuesday – Speaking of Metro, the MTA hosts two more “updates” on the High Desert Corridor Project. Will one of L.A.’s largest proposed highway construction projects move forward as a road project, rail project, or some sort of hybrid project that includes a protected bike lane? Get the meeting details, here.
  • Wednesday – The Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee meets to hear all sorts of proposals that relate to car parking and meter usage. Exciting? Maybe. Read the agenda, here.
  • Sunday – Joe Linton is leaving us. But he might be coming back. But he might not. He’s already posting stories about bike projects from New Jersey on Facebook. Either way, we’re going to celebrate Joe and say “see you later” before he does or doesn’t move to New Jersey and never come back. We canceled our end of the year party so we could help Joe throw his “engagement/going away party.” Join us. And feel free to donate to Streetsblog while you are there. Our calendar listing, Facebook page.

“The Week in Livable Streets Events” is going on hiatus until 2013. Continue to email events to damien at Streetsblog dot org.


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