Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: There’s a must read article with Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles Magazine, regardless of your politics. A sample, “CicLAvia was immensely unpopular at first, too. Can you imagine telling people you’re going to close the street in front of their house? But there were folks like me who went door to door and said, “Hey, let’s try it. If it stinks, you’ve got my word we won’t do it again.” And now CicLAvia is part of the L.A. that’s being reborn.”

  • Two Wonky, Smart, Reviews of Measure J (Transport Politic, Better Institutions)
  • Man Removed from Underneath Red Line in Apparent Failed Suicide (Daily News)
  • Fiscal Backers Lining Up for XPress (CAHSR Blog)
  • But Can High Speed Rail Compete with Driverless Cars (Forbes)
  • Should Echo Park Intersection Be Re-Named after Vin? (Echo Park Now)
  • Metro’s Volunteer Service Councils Conducting Corridor Studies (The Source)
  • “Carmenitageddon” Really? This Is Going Too Far (Los Cerritos News)
  • “Angel of Death” Who Intentionally Plowed Into Group of Pedestrians with Car Moved from Mental Institution (LAT)
  • Hit and Run Driver in Santa Clarita Kills 54 Year Old Woman Cyclist (Daily News)

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