Today’s Headlines

  • Council Passes “Hollywood Development Plan” Calls for Density (LAT)
  • Some Neighborhood Activists Freaking Out (Curbed)
  • Road Rage Beating on the 405?  Headline Writes Itself (Daily News)
  • Former Expo Supporter Gives Up After One Bad Experience (LAT)
  • Library Nets WeHo Livability Award (WeHo News)
  • Metro Board Committee Takes First Vote on Measure R + (Daily News)
  • Union Station Master Plan Update (The Source)
  • Skid Row Cleanup Underway (LAT)
  • Subway Testing Going on in Beverly Hills (Courier)
  • Glendale, Losers in CRA Dissolution (Burbank Leader)
  • Say Goodbye to Riverside-Figueroa Bridge Over the River Path (Creak Freak)

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  • Eric B

    Re: Former Expo Supporter Gives Up After One Bad Experience

    I don’t think that’s a fair summary of the article at all.  She’s expressing absolutely legitimate complaints that those of us that have been riding Expo probably all share.  They’ve been regularly missing timetables for both frequency and trip time.  The writer far from “gave up” on Expo as a line.  What she expressed is her unwillingness to be subjected to unannounced delays and poor service.  For attracting “discretionary” riders to the Metro system–something I think all Streetsbloggers want to do–ease of use and customer service are critical.  This is her conclusion – how could anyone say it’s unreasonable?

    “So here’s my advice. Tell us when there’s an operations problem, and as quickly as possible. Give plenty of notice and post signs when the schedule changes. Stick to the timetable. Of course, it takes awhile to iron out the kinks, but the longer those problems persist, the grumpier and more disappointed riders become. Simply, make it easy — easier than fighting traffic.”