Today’s Headlines

  • Expo to Culver City Opens June 20 (ZevWeb, Curbed, The Source)
  • Just in Time for Culver City’s “Third Wednesdays” (The Source)
  • With Metro Bus Routes Changed the 17th to Support Expo (The Source)
  • Californians 4 High Speed Rail Call Newest Poll a “Push Poll” (CAHSR Blog)
  • The HOT Lanes Are Coming, the HOT Lanes Are Coming (NBC4, CBS2)
  • Downtown’s New Grand Park Will Have Nice Bike Parking (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Alta Planning’s Vision for PCH North of Malibu: Separated Bike Lanes (SM Daily Press)
  • Gas Prices Falling Throughout California (LAT)

Election Results

  • State Approves Changes to Term Limit Law (LAT)
  • Prop. 29 Cigarette Tax “Too Close to Call” (Politico)
  • Janice Hahn Beats Laura Richardson (Daily News)
  • Alarcon’s Race Too Close Too Call, Runoff Likely (Daily News)

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  • Anonymous

    They actually will not be HOT lanes since there will be a charge for Carpoolers to pay for the required transponder (which may or may not be refunded depending on use).  These are called “Express Lanes” for a reason.

  • J

    This is nit-picky, but I find the term “separated bike lane” to be confusing, as people often use it when they mean “protected bike lane”. By definition, all bike lanes are separated from vehicle space. Unseparated facilities are known as sharrows, bike boulevards, or neighborhood greenways, but never bike lanes. I thought they were proposing cycle tracks on the PCH at first, but I had to read the article to find out that they actually are proposing buffered bike lanes. Why not just use that term?