Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Los Angeles is cracking down on the illegal use of disabled placards by the abled to avoid paying for parking or just out of a need to park in special cases.  I think the hilariously entitled reactions of the people being ticketed, people pretending to be disabled so they can get away with fraud, is the real telling piece of the story.  Too bad LAPD can’t impound their cars for 30 days.
  • No Green in Main Street Bike Lane, Thanks L.A. Times (Curbed)
  • Yup, Metro Really Thinking of Phase I of Subway Going to La Cienega (The Source)
  • State Legislative Council Argues LAPD Impound Plan Illegal, Reforms Put on Hold (Daily News, LAT)
  • Will Southern California’s Next Freeway Be the 71? (Daily Bulletin via Curbed)
  • Not Every City Can Be the ‘Most Bicycle-Friendly’ (Atlantic Cities)
  • Villaraigosa To Chair Democratic National Committee?  Sources Say Yes (Daily News)
  • Will Car Sharing Networks Change the Way “We” Travel (Time, LAT)
  • Gas Prices Highest Since October (Daily News)
  • Measure R Assemblyman Mike Feuer Running for City Attorney (Daily News)

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