Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: The LACBC released the results of their summer bike counts yesterday.  Some potential headlines: Biking up 32% Since 2009, or Only 5% of Cyclists Ride “Wrong Way” in Lane or Only One in Six Cyclists Are Women.  Read more at the LACBC Blog.

  • LAUSD Superintendent: We Should Sue State to Stop School Bus Stops (Daily Breeze)
  • Long Beach Council Mulling Position on Rail Yard in Wilmington (Press-Telegram)
  • Pasadena Moves to End Red Light Program (Star-News)
  • Bus Service Changes Begin Sunday (The Source)
  • Nice Try Metro, Our Fundraiser Went Great Anyway (The Source)
  • CA Air Board’s New Rules Aim to Boost Electric Cars (SacBee)
  • A High Speed Retreat from High Speed Rail (City Watch)
  • Slate‘s Requiem For High-Speed Rail
  • Whatever Happened to the Downtown People Mover? (The Atlantic Cities)
More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill
  • Anonymous

    I recall that at one point in the recent past, Bicyclists were actually instructed to ride against traffic.  This was back when we used to teach things like bicycle safety in the public schools.  Am I imagining this?  I seem to recall ads from companies like Schwinn in the back of comic books re-affirming this method of traveling on the road.

  • It’s true. Today, pedestrians are instructed to walk against traffic when on the street (if theres no sidewalk). Back then, bikes were considered pedestrians, and followed pedestrian rules, which is why our law books have so few bike-specific laws.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it was in the California Code at some point in the 1950’s?