Buses, Trains, Bikes and Occupy L.A.

Happier days at Occupy L.A. Josef Bray-Ali donates some bikes to the Occupy L.A. bike share from Flying Pigeon Bike Shop. Nice shirt. Photo:##http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubrayj02/6406985605/##ubrayj02/flickr##

Anyone watching the drama unfold between Occupy L.A. and the LAPD last night couldn’t help but notice the active involvement of Metro in the eviction of the Occupy protests.  News reports reported that between 27 and 30 Metro buses were used to bus police from Dodger Stadium to Downtown Los Angeles and any overhead shot of the LAPD’s home away from home, the Dodger Stadium Parking Lot, showed rows of Orange Metro buses being loaded with police  in riot gear.

Here’s a quick list of questions and with some answers Streetsblog had in regards to Metro’s involvement in the Occupy L.A. Eviction.  As we get more answers, we’ll update this post so if you’re looking for more information, be sure to check back here.

How Many Buses Were Involved in the Police Action:

Metro Spokesperson Rick Jager: We were asked by LAPD to provide assistance in transporting LAPD officers during their Occupy LA operation. We provided 30 buses driven by Metro bus operators. We have a mutual aid agreement with law enforcement.

Is Los Angeles or the LAPD Reimbursing the Metro for the Service:

Metro Spokesperson Rick Jager: The City of LA/LAPD is not paying for the buses. We provided them, as we have in the past during potential crisis and other periods, because we faced a public order and safety situation and needed to cooperate and assist the law enforcement authorities.

Were the drivers paid overtime:

Metro Spokesperson Rick Jager:I do not have that detailed information yet. It is being calculated and I will get it to you when it is available.

What is the cost (it can be an estimate) to Metro for your support actions last night, and where do those funds come from?

Metro Spokesperson Rick Jager: No cost estimates available at this time. They are being calculated and when available I will provide them to you. Unknown exactly when that will be.

How was rail service impacted:

KTLA News: From the moment the LAPD closed off streets around City Hall, stops at Civic Center and possibly Pershing Square were skipped by Red and Purple Line scales

A quick note on Streetsblog’s public support and reporting on the Occupy L.A. Bike Share.  Streetsblog focused some coverage and effort on promoting the bike share program because we thought it was an interesting side story and case study about how to have a volunteer bike share at a public event.  If the Tea Party or any other political group wants to do something similar, LA Streetsblog would be happy to help.  The bikes that made up the bike share program were long gone by the time the LAPD arrived Tuesday night.  On Sunday, Josef Bray-Ali reported that the bikes had been distributed to needy cyclists.


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