Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: I’ve been digging the story of the DIY Cyclists in Mexico City creating 5 km (3.2 miles) of designated bikeways. covered the story on Friday and I’ve gotten a handful of emails directing me to the original story.  Unlike L.A.’s DIY road improvers, the team in Mexico City accomplished their urban faclift in broad daylight.  New signage and road markings on over three miles of roads, total cost: less than $1,000.
  • Buffered Bike Lane Really on the Way in DTLA, Work Has Already Begun on Green Lane in Boyle Heights (LA Eco-Village)
  • Bev. Hills Subway Site Goes National (Boston Globe)
  • Giant Wall to Create Barrier for Expo Bike Path in SM, a “Witness Free Zone” (Daily Mirror)
  • Burbank Bike Angels Fix Bikes for Disadvantaged Kids (Daily News)
  • LAT Blames Cyclists for Increased Crashes in Burbank, People in Story Seem Mixed on Who Is At Fault
  • Villaraigosa: As Our Cities Go, So Goes the Nation (CNN)
  • A Good Week for Cops Catching Bike Thieves (Biking In LA)
  • Sac Bee Columnist: California Ignoring Its Decaying Roads
  • CA Supreme Court Case Could Eliminate Redevelopment Agencies (BCN via SF AppealKQED)
  • “Parking Should Cost What it Costs, Regardless of the Greeness of the Vehicle” (Yglessias)
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