Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: So apparently we caused a little distress at Metro HQ last Friday, but the truth of the matter is that we did them a favor.  If Metro correctly handles the situation with a billionaire stirring the pot on a popular project, they’ll be able to point to their conduct forever.  In other words, we did them a favor by letting the public know what was going on behind the scenes.

It looks like they could use the help, especially since Blog Downtown is now reporting that, “the man behind the letter is John Welborne, the man best known for Angels Flight. Welborne’s wife Martha just happens to be Metro’s top planner, putting her in charge of project’s such as the Regional Connector. Welborne is said to have been taking numerous meetings in recent weeks to pitch the coalition’s plan.”

And I’m going to do Metro another one now.  If you read their official response to our story, it kind of sounds like they are going respond to Eli Broad and their planning director’s husband before they respond to everyone else.  Their statement makes a lot more sense, and puts all their responses (to Eli and everyone else who responded) on the same time frame, if you know that the public release of the Final Environmental Impact Report is expected sometime in Mid-October.

  • City Council Considering Extending Yellow/All Red Signals (LAT)
  • Green Bike Lanes Coming to Boyle Heights (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Curbed Weighs in on Broad/CCC/Regional Connector
  • Park(ing) Day Wrap-Up (Curbed, ABC7, Patch)
  • Oh, and Art Cycle Was Great, Too (LAist)
  • C’Mon Jerry, Just Sign the 3 Foot Passing Bill Already (Biking In LA)
  • Is LADOT’s Sharrows Plan the Death of the Bike Plan? (Eco-Village)
  • Ferrari Crash on PCH Splits Car in Two (LAT)
  • Car Slams Into Bike Shop in the O.C.  Owner, “It Looked Like a War Zone” (BBC)
  • AAA Trying to Stop Toll Hike in NY/NJ Bridges (NY Post)

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  • Dan W.

    If Broad really wants to help downtown, perhaps he would be willing to pony up the dough to re-include the Financial District station.

  • I think LASB has inflated the LADOT sharrows list by calling it a “Plan.” In my articles looking into LADOT’s bafflingly inappropriate sharrows list, I’ve avoided calling them “planned” because that would imply that they might have announced in advance of a decision being made, considered which treatments work best on the actual streets, responded to input, etc. It seems like LADOT is in a big hurry to implement sharrows that weren’t planned, no matter how wide the streets are, and no matter what the public thinks.

  • I’m using “plan” because they don’t actually exist anywhere, they’re just planned, but I know how important language is.  What word would you suggest I use in the future?

  • I’ve just called it a “list” or an “announcement”. In some sense it’s a plan… but it’s a huge rush job. The list was announced August 29th, and there are already markings on the ground – less than 3 weeks later… I wish they’d move that quckly on the easy bike lane projects! (It’s kind of ironic, too – they wouldn’t do a sharrow for, what, 5 years after Caltrans approved them – and now that Mayor VIllaraigosa tells LADOT to look busy, the sharrow floodgates are open.)