Venice Neighborhood Council to Discuss Main St. Bike Lanes

When: Tuesday, September, 20; 7 PM
Where: Westminster Elementary – 1010 Abbot Kinney (just south of Main)


The City of Los Angeles proposes to extend the bicycle lanes on Main Street in Santa Monica to the Windward Circle in Venice. This project will be on the agenda for the Venice Neighborhood Council board of directors to consider supporting at their upcoming meeting. Please come show your support for this important bikeways improvement. You may also email the VNC Board at


Learn more about Main St. in Venice on the LACBC blog.


It’s Official. Main Street in Venice Is on a Diet.

The first time I biked down Main Street in Santa Monica and then into the Venice Neighborhood of Los Angeles was the summer of 2008.  I was following Santa Monica Critical Mass and part of the comically over-aggressive antics of the SMPD included herding cyclists into the lane by buzzing groups of cyclists on motorcycles and […]