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Featured Headline: The Bicycle Film Festival is in town, get your tickets and details here!  There’s a lot of great bicycle themed events going on around the city that are of local signifigance as well.  Northeast L.A.’s Flying Pigeon is hosting the second meeting of “Figueroa for All,” a community group dedicated to improving North Figueroa Blvd., and the famous Spoke(n) Art Ride.  Farther west, SM Spoke and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition host a night of bikes, discussion and cupcakes featuring Bike Luminary Elly Blue on Saturday.  If you only have time for one film at the festival, there’s one featuring the Wolfpack Hustle and Los Angelopes on Saturday Night.  Check it out.
Featured Headline: Now the legislature is debating providing legal protections for all major projects from “lengthy legal challenges” under CEQA.  I know CEQA needs reform, but maybe trying to do it in two days isn’t the best idea?  Isn’t CEQA all about the major projects, and not the minor ones?  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m a little concerned…

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    I think you’re a conspiracy theorist :-)  If this bill is anything like the AEG bill, a full EIR will still be required with the usual comment periods, etc.  The only significant changes would be to the court filing and judgement timelines, which would be far longer than two days.  Since the exemptions will still require approval from the governor and will only be allowed through 2015, chances are that those exemptions will come with additional conditions on environmental impacts like those agreed to by AEG.

    The primary complaint from the NRDC, The Daily News, and to a lesser extent the LA Weekly was that AEG was getting special treatment.  They all seemed to believe that the policy changes might make sense if extended universally. What were the problems with the substance of the bill?  Now it’s being extended universally, perhaps as a result of all those complaints about special treatment. Doesn’t sound like a particularly bad outcome to me.  It’s essentially a jobs bill, and not a bad one given the budget situation.  It could make things easier for important local projects like the Expo Bike Path.