Today’s Headlines

  • Goodmon: Double Talk on Crenshaw Line Could Endanger All 30/10 (City Watch)
  • Bicycling Anti-Harassment Ordinance Flies Through Council (LAT)
  • Rosendahl Adds Two More Videos from Harassed Cyclists (YouTube)
  • Senate Staff: Our Bill Does Too Have Funds for Bike/Ped (DC Streetsblog)
  • Benefits Bill for Non-Driving Commuters Becomes Partisan, Moves to Brown’s Desk (EcoVote)
  • Disabled Parking Placards Sent to Thousands of Deceased Californians (LAT)
  • Krekorian, Romney Faceoff Over Valley Redevelopment and Obama’s Economic Policies (Daily News)
  • Back and Forth Over Subway Stop Between Epstein, Mirsch, Getting Funny (HuffPo)
  • November 8th Will Be Date for Election to Replace Hahn (Daily News)
  • A Tale of Two Streets (City Watch)

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