Live! Follow the Race Between the Wolfpack and Jet Blue via GPS and Jet Blue Flight Tracker…

Thanks to Joe Anthony of Bike Commute News and Errin Vasquez of Frontage Roads for helping with the tech stuff last night. I’d wish Anthony luck on his race today, but LASB is $90 richer if he loses…

Streetsblog is proud to give provide some live coverage of today’s “bike vs plane” race between the Wolfpack Hustle and Jet Blue airways passengers Joe Anthony and Ezra Horne. On one hand you have six hard-core cyclists and some slick bikes. On the other hand, you have TSA, a Long Beach Taxi and an airplane that averages 500 miles per hour when it really gets going. Just a reminder, that if you want to bet on the plane, we’ll put up an LASB t-shirt against $20. You just have to let me know in the comments section before the race begins at 10:50.

The following map is a live stream from John Gabriel’s bicycle. Gabriel is joined by Jon Budinoff, Fabian Vasquez, Evan Stade, Stephen Andranian and Aram Dellalian. The map will go live whenever Gabriel turns on a GPS provided by Vasquez, which may or may not be when the race actually starts. You can also follow the fun on twitter by following Twitter hashtag #flightvsbike and accounts @bikecommutenews @wolfpackhustle @ohaijoe @ezrahorne for more updates as they develop

And in the other corner is Ezra Horne, Joe Anthony, a taxi and a Jet Blue Twin-Jet Airbus 320. Jet Blue doesn’t allow us to embed their maps, but if you click here, you should be able to follow the flight. If that link doesn’t work, you can check the flight status manually by clicking here and entering flight #405.

Check back later today, and we’ll let you know who won.


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