Today’s Headlines

  • LA Weekly Swallows the BHUSD Storyline on Westside Subway Hook, Line and Sinker
  • Tobar Revisits Bike Safety: Some Cyclists Dangerous, But Don’t Persecute All (LAT)
  • Meanwhile Car Driving Columnist Slanders Bike Riders DNA Because He’s Scared of Bike Share (Boston Globe)
  • Judge in Metrolink Case Divies Up $200 Million Settlement (Daily News)
  • So What’s Going to Happen to that Near-Ubiquitous Carmageddon Countdown Clock? (The Source)
  • Why Does the City Get to Violate Its Own Development Laws? (City Watch)
  • Yes, Your TAP Card Can Expire, But for $2 and Some Hassle, You Can Get a New One (The Source)
  • 40.5 Things to do without a Car This Weekend (HuffPo)
  • But You Might Want to Rethink Biking on the Freeway…They’re Waiting… (LAT)
  • This May Be the Coolest Thing to Come from Carmageddon: the Bike v Plane Race (Bike Commute News)

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