Today’s Headlines

  • Look Kids, Its Erik Estrada! (The Source)
  • Gov. Signs Budget.  Yes CA, We Have a Budget (LAT)
  • Car Tax, Sales Tax, Goes Down (LAT)
  • DASH Riders Happier with Service, Survey Finds (Daily News)
  • Bike Portland Looks at Metro’s Bike Reports and Sees That It Is Good
  • “Recycling Roads” a Cheap Way to Fix-It-First (GOOD)
  • Ashton Kutcher Takes the Carmageddon Tweet Bait (LA Observed)
  • Contractor Faces Steep Fines if 405 Doesn’t Open On Time (Patch)
  • Convention Center Architect Also Worked for Roski on Other Stadium (Curbed)
  • This Sounds Like a Really, Really Bad Deal (BBC)

Highlights From the Coverage of the Bicyclist Press Conference (All Headlines Their Words…)

  • Cyclists Protest Crash Investigation (ABC 7)
  • Cyclists Demand Investigation Into Crash Injuring 11 (ABC 7)
  • Cyclists Complain (KFI)
  • Cyclists Call for Unbiased Investigation Into Crash (KPCC)
  • Don’t Mess with Cyclists (LA Weekly)
  • Los Angeles Bicycling Groups Demand Safer Streets (CC Patch)
  • Cyclists Demand Justice for DUI Victims and Safe Streets (Engaged Observer)

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